Who Is Ashton Forever?

Originating from Burlington, Ontario, Ashton Forever is an extremely talented up-and-coming R&B/Rap/Pop artist based out of the GTA who is recently creating his own wavy sound and presence in this industry. Known for his catchy hooks and deep passionate verses, Ashton inhibits a wide range of diversity while delivering a pleasing sense of melodic sonic sensation throughout his music. He carries a catchy and rhythmic flow when rapping and singing which displays his own well-rounded crafted hip-hop, Rnb and pop style.

Ashton Forever's Story

      From the beginning of Ashton forever’s Music career to currently, he has faced many obstacles on his journey but continues to prevail as in independent artist and is staying in charge of running his own movement. Growing up in a single parent household with two brothers, as a born leader, Ashton was always encouraged early on to build a future for himself as an artist and entrepreneur and create his own path in life. Through leaving university, transitioning from an athlete to an artist and all the in between trials and errors regarding relationships, personal family dynamics and coming up as independent artist in the music industry, we can see, hear and feel the pain, tribulations and experiences Ashton has endured over the course of his journey.


      Currently, Ashton is the CEO of his own Music Label Forever Music as well as the CEO of 4evervisuals Media company. Ashton is also enrolled into an acting agency to continue building and expanding on his skillsets and portfolio. Ashton’s extreme work ethic, drive, consistency and talent puts him in a category and tier of his own. His internal drive and passion doesn’t seem to stop or slow down which is reflective in all of his new projects and current music.

       What advice would he give to other artists? He suggests every other independent artist to stay inspired and keep grinding towards what they really want in this life. Use your pain and struggle as fuel to elevate yourself and focus on tapping into your full potential. Lastly, he encourages artists to really study and develop as many skillsets as they can from producing, writing and graphic design to mixing and mastering and social media marketing. 


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